Patrick McDonald


Normandy Park City Council

My grandparents moved to Normandy Park in 1958. I grew up spending time in the same house that my mother grew up in, and as a result, I have always called Normandy Park, my home. I am a product of the Highline public school system. I attended Seahurst Elementary, Sylvester middle school and graduated from Highline High School. After attending Washington State University, I spent seven years as a Financial Advisor, helping small businesses and families achieve financial stability. Five years ago, my passion steered me into a healthcare consulting role, where I currently work with community hospitals. After getting married to my wife, Amy, we bought a house in Normandy Park. and we now have a one year old son, Carter. Amy is a school teacher taking a break to raise our son, and I walk to work every day just 5 blocks to my office in the Normandy Park Town Center.

Both Amy and I are passionate about making sure the culture of Normandy Park continues to cater to young families and we look forward to listening and speaking to as many of you as we can in the near future.